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Today's systems are remarkably advanced, yet simple to use while offering a wide selection of features and functions.  We will help you create a customized system using the right technology to keep you, your family, your home or your business safe and secure.


You can control your alarm system with state-of-the-art technology by using the Virtual Keypad App on your smart phone or tablet.


Your system should not only alert you when there's trouble, but summon help when it's needed. Our systems contain a False Alarm Reduction feature.  The Cancel/Verify feature sends an "Alarm Verified" signal that helps eliminate false alarms and ensures the police will be dispatched. All equipment is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Our basic wireless security package includes:


  • 3 Door Sensors

  • Motion sensor

  • Indoor siren

  • Touchscreen Keypad

  • Panel​​

Options Include:


  • Medical/panic necklace/bracelet 

  • Flood sensor

  • Low-high temperature sensor 

  • Additional door sensor 

  • Window sensor 

  • Touch screen keypad 

  • Glass break sensor 

  • Glass break sensor- large room 

  • Additional keypad 

  • Additional motion sensor 

  • Indoor siren 

  • Smoke Detector 

  • Carbon monoxide detector 

  • Wireless chime 

  • LED emergency pathway light 

  • Z-wave bulb 

  • Z-wave thermostat 

  • Z-wave garage door controller 

  • Standard Z-wave deadbolt lock 

Starting as low as $15 per month!

Installation      Monthly Monitoring     Monthly Monitoring

Fee            (Billed Accounts)  (EFT Accounts)  

$99            $39.95                $35.95

$199          $34.95                $31.95

$299          $31.95                $29.95

$389 (DIY) $28.95                $27.95

$429 (NC)  $28.95                $27.95

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