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Video Systems & Security, Inc. of Akron is a long-established creator of state-of-the-art security installations used in the scrutiny of the total professional environment.  We sell, install, monitor, and maintain home and business systems for security, fire, access control, automation, video surveillance, and emergency alert. We also design, install, and service a complete range of electronic surveillance, security, and communication systems to give you effective, cost-efficient, around-the clock peace of mind.

With over 35 years of hands-on experience, our expertise is second to none.  Regardless of how small or all-encompassing your needs, you will benefit from our master level of technical know-how and professionalism.


Whatever your circumstances, if you're interested in a security or communications assessment, one call to us is the quickest and easiest way to address your needs.  You can put your complete trust in our team of experienced, local professionals.

Mission Statement




Transform yourself and the company. Seek, develop and utilize the visions, strategies, methods and products that will enable us to create the greatest value.

To succeed in today’s world of rapid change, we must have a heightened sense of urgency and the commitment to continually transform our performance. Our approach encourages and equips individuals to practice lifelong learning, drive innovation, embrace transformation and achieve self-actualization – all contributing to a healthy, growing organization.

Eight core principles. Infinite potential.

Have the courage to always act with integrity.

Principled Entrepreneurship 

Treat everyone with honesty, dignity, respect and sensitivity. Embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge and skills in order to leverage the power of diversity.

Stewardship & Compliance 

Act with proper regard for the rights of others. Put safety first. Drive environmental excellence and comply with all laws and regulations. Stop, think and ask.


Be a lifelong learner and realize your potential, which is essential for fulfillment. As you become increasingly self-actualized you will better deal with reality, face the unknown, creatively solve problems and help others succeed.


Be humble, intellectually honest and deal with reality constructively. Develop an accurate sense of self-worth based on your strengths, limitations and contributions. Hold yourself and others accountable to these standards.

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