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Video Security, Inc. offers an abundance of choices to meet your security needs.  We install and retrofit to achieve any level of security.  Contact us today for a free consutation and site survey!




Burglar/Fire Alarms

No criminal wants to be seen.  If a criminal notices cameras on your home or business, there is a high chance they will be deterred from carrying out criminal activity at and around your property.

Access Control

Have peace of mind knowing who has access to your home or business.  Systems can be customizable to meet your everyday needs.



We offer turnkey maintenance contracts to meet all the requirements and needs of your business locations.


Video Security, Inc. can repair or upgrade your system and provide loaner equipment to insure minimal down time.  At our headquarters in Akron, we have the facilities and specialized tools needed to bring your existing equipment up to peak performance.  Since we are local, there's no shipping delays or shipping charges.


Burglar and Fire alarm systems require a dependable communication link between your system and our monitoring center.  We understand how important this is and why we offer not only the installation, but also the monitoring of your security system.

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