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Fire Sprinkler Service

Sprinkler Inspections

Our sprinkler technicians are licensed by the state fire marshal and have undergone extensive hands-on training with the National Fire Protection Association. At the end of each inspection, we will provide the proper NFPA documentation for the local fire officials and your records. As a local, family company, we are able to offer our customers custom service at a price our corporate competition cannot beat.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; call and we'll be here.

Sprinkler Repair

At Video Security, we have the equipment and resources to make repairs or adjustments to all types of sprinkler systems. Our technicians are our most critical resource, which is why each is required to undergo extensive and continuous training throughout each year. Contact us to see how we match up against the competition! 

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