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Creating Secure and Serene Learning Environments

As students spend the majority of the day in schools, campus security is of paramount importance to every school administrator and every parent. In order to develop an effective security system, all the possible risks – including suspects breaking into campus, stealing, and threatening student safety – must be fully considered. A campus security and protection solution utilizing our most advanced network, audio, video, and intelligent recognition technologies, ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.


•  High management efficiency with integrated systems

•  High efficiency emergency processing

•  Organized management in school subsystems

•  No blind spots in video surveillance and alarm systems

•  High system intelligence level

•  Sufficient staff for campus management

•  Few alarm devices in open areas such as playgrounds




Whether you are responsible for a small pre-school, a K-12 school district, or a large university campus, your goal is to create an environment that fosters a student’s interest in learning and a teacher’s passion for sharing. A goal that’s only possible if everyone is present and safe. Protect your school with an efficient and reliable network based security system from us to:

  • Ensure staff and student safety

  • Deter violence and theft

  • Minimize vandalism and costly repairs

  • Easily investigate incidents and identify suspects

Safer Learning

School Gate


  • Facial image capture

  • Automatic number plate recognition(ANPR)

  • Under vehicle surveillance system(UVSS)


Public Areas


360 degree cameras provide a comprehensive view for large open areas as well as clear close-up video surveillance when needed.


Main Roads


DarkFighter cameras ensure video surveillance of the main roads is clear day and night.


Campus Perimeter


Line crossing detection
Intrusion detection
Region entrance & Existing


Monitoring Rooms


  • Smart wall

  • Alarm management

  • Maintenance


Office Areas


For other indoor areas such as meeting rooms, offices, financial offices, and laboratories, access control devices can be used to unlock doors. Users can customize various combinations of cards, fingerprints, or facial information for access credentials.

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