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If your problem doesn't appear on this page, please contact us for assistance.


I can no longer view cameras from my app.


You most likely "hard reset" your router by holding the button for about 30 seconds or you are no longer using the same router. You will need to log into your router to make sure it recognizes the DVR. You will also need to log into your DVR and compare the IP address and port that the DVR is using with the information in the router. These settings should match those in the router for the DVR. The DVR's IP address should be The working mode should be set to "multi-address".


My keypad displays btry trbl.


Your battery is disconnected or you need a new one. You can stop by our office for a new battery or you can choose to have one of our techs replace it for $50 plus the price of the battery. Please bring the old battery with you for proper disposal if you choose to replace the battery yourself.


I am not receiving text alerts from my system.


The system will only alert the user who arms the system. Text commands are available for up to three users.


I don't see the link to the app in my email.



Try logging into your email from a computer or laptop. There is a setting on phones that can block the email.


My keypad backlight is red.


To restore your system to normal, press command until it asks if you want the menu. Select "yes" and type in your code to enter the menu. Once in the menu, use the top selector keys to navigate to "sensor reset". Use a selection key at the top of the keypad to select "sensor reset". Wait about 10 seconds and the system will restore to normal.


How often should I test my system and how do I test it?


You should test your system at least once a month. Press command until the keypad asks if you want the menu. Select "yes" and use the command key to navigate to "system test". Select "yes" using the top row selection keys and the system will test itself.

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