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Fire Extinguisher Service

When your extinguisher is due for testing, our technicians will service each extinguisher onsite and return each to the proper location within the same visit; we never swap (unlike most other companies) and always return your extinguisher when finished. Each extinguisher is serviced according to NFPA 10 and manufacturer recommendations to keep you in code compliance. Contact us to see how we match up against the competition!




Our fire extinguisher inspections will include, if applicable, the following:

  • Visually inspect the extinguisher

  • Check test and maintenance dates

  • Visually inspect pressure gauge

  • Remove safety pull pin

  • Remove discharge hose and check valve assembly

  • Install new tamper seal

  • Clean and re-hang extinguisher

  • Ensure contents are non-compacted

  • Attach new certification tag

  • Fill out fire and safety report

Inspection Process
24-Hour Emergency Service

Above is an example of a swapped extinguisher; one that was exchanged because it was due for service. Unfortunately, we have seen many incidents of customers receiving older, smaller, rougher-looking, and different type extinguishers in place of the original equipment installed. You never know what you'll get back!

Monthly Inspections

Monthly fire extinguisher quick checks are available to ensure each fire extinguisher is in its proper location, accessible, and charged.

We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; call and we'll be here.

No Long Term Contracts

Tired of long term commitments? At Video Security, we feel it is our responsibility to earn your business each year.


Maintenance Schedule
  • 1-year visual inspection for portable extinguishers​

  • 5-year hydrostatic test on carbon dioxide and water-based extinguishers 

  • 6-year maintenance for stored-pressure extinguishers

  • 12-year hydrostatic test on stored pressure and cartridge-operated extinguishers

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