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Our Smart Solution for Industrial Parks is total IP system for productivity and parking security. The solution provides around-the-clock protection with industry leading low light technology, automated vehicle access control with our ANPR module, and automatic event alerts with our Smart detection. Including integrated IP products from IPC, NVRs, and Video Management Software, our Smart solution can build a reliable, fully compatible, and flexible video platform for industrial parks.

Entrance Management

Our Smart solution provides an outdoor infrared bullet camera with ultra-low light capability, excellent strong light compensation, license plate recognition(LPR), and vehicle color identification to efficiently control the access of any vehicle.

Perimeter Protection 

Utilize our HD products that provide up to 4K resolution, 200m infrared range,and Smart detection technologies to best protect perimeter security.

Parking Lot Monitoring

Our outdoor infrared PTZ camera can solve this problem with 23x optical zoom, Smart tracking, low light technology and up to 200m infrared range.

No Parking Area

Our outdoor infrared dome camera with excellent low light visibility and Smart intrusion detection can automatically send an alert when a vehicle enters a restricted area.

Facility Protection

Build a reliable, fully compatible and flexible video platform to manage a security system


Discover an easy-to-use, reliable, and feature-rich video management platform by using our Al-empowered surveillance platform and embedded NVR for centralized alarm control and intelligent video analytics.

Use only one camera to cover a location without a blind spot?


We offer mini fisheye network cameras featuring various resolutions (12MP, 6MP, 4MP, 3MP). Additionally, hardware or software de-warping with infrared LEDs makes it possible to use only one camera to cover the area without any blind spots.

Warehouse Monitoring

Increase nighttime visibility for securing valuable goods


Our indoor box camera with DarkFighter ultra low light technology and super large aperture HD lens delivers a top-notch noise-free image in a dimly lit environment.

Have both a panoramic view and a highly detailed image


We combine a fisheye camera (which provides a 360°panoramic view) with a 2MP PTZ (which captures high definition detail), and integrates them seamlessly. They work together via click-and-zoom operation to bring you both a panoramic view and highly detailed image.

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